The parrot finches are a group of small birds with predominantly green-blue plumage, short rounded wings and tails. Some members of the group are thickset and others are more shapely. The head/crown varies in color from blue, red, or green. All but one species have red on the rump. Sexual dichromatism is evident in several members while virtually absent in others. Parrot finches inhabit Pacific Islands ranging from Burma to the Philippines. Many originally birds of the forested areas are now found on edges of cultivation as a result of man's activities. The 12 species of parrot finches from Blue-faced to Pink-billed are all members of the genus Erythrura. In the following text I will discuss origins of each species and of their native habitats. Each species is described and illustrated with maps depicting their distribution. In addition, information on feeding, housing and breeding in captivity.

Taxonomy and Nomenclature:


Animalia: All animals are members of the Kingdom Animalia, also called Metazoa. They are multicellular, and all are heterotrophs (that is, they rely directly or indirectly on other organisms for their nourishment). Most ingest food and digest it in an internal cavity.


Chordata: Chordates, which includes humans and all other vertebrates, are defined as organisms that possess a structure called a notochord, at least during some part of their development. The notochord is a rod that extends most of the length of the body when it is fully developed.


Vertebrata: Vertebrates, which include fishes, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and mammals, all share a vertebral column, or a chain of bony elements (vertebrae) that run along the dorsal surface from head to tail and form the main skeletal axis of the body.


AvesBirds are vertebrates with feathers, modified for flight and for active metabolism. Birds are a monophyletic lineage, evolved once from a common ancestor, and all birds are related through that common origin. There are a few kinds of birds that don't fly, but their ancestors did, and these birds have secondarily lost the ability to fly. Modern birds have traits related to hot metabolism, and to flight:
  • horny beak, no teeth
  • large muscular stomach
  • feathers
  • large yolked, hard-shelled eggs. The parent bird provides extensive care of the young until it is grown, or gets some other bird to look after the young.
  • strong skeleton

There are about 30 orders of birds, about 180 families, and about 2,000 genus with 10,000 species.


Passeriformes: The Passeriformes is the largest and most diverse commonly recognized order of birds. The Passeriformes (or ‘passerine’ birds) are synonymous with what are commonly known as "Perching Birds".


Passeridae: The family Passeridae includes Old World sparrows, snow finches and relatives. They are often confused with New World sparrows (family Emberizidae), but Old World sparrows were originally found in Europe, Asia and Africa. However, as a result of introductions by humans, today they have an almost worldwide distribution. Old World sparrows generally inhabit open areas. They are well adapted to urban landscapes and can be found alongside humans throughout the world.


Erythrura: The Genus Erythrura (The Parrot Finches) includes 12 species. The following list specify the name of the specie, the name of discoverer and the date each specie was cataloged for the first time.

Source of Information: ITIS Report, Catalog of LifeThe Taxonomicon



Erythrura Prasina - Pin-Tailed Parrot FinchErythrura Prasina

Pin-Tailed P F

Erythrura Psittacea - Red-Throated Parrot FinchErythrura Psittacea

Red-Throated P F

Red-Faced P F

Erythrura Tricolor - Tricolored Parrot FinchErythrura Tricolor

Forbes P F

Tricolored P F

Erythrura Trichroa - Blue-Faced Parrot FinchErythrura Trichroa

Blue-Faced P F

Erythrura Cyaneovirens - Red-Headed Parrot FinchErythrura Cyaneovirens

Red-Headed P F

Short-Tailed P F

Erythrura Pealii - Fiji Parrot FinchErythrura Pealii

Fiji P F

Peale Parrot Finch

Erythrura Hyperythra - Tawny-Breasted Parrot FinchErythrura Hyperythra

Tawny-Breasted P F

Bamboo P F

Erythrura Kleinschmidti - Pink-Billed Parrot FinchErythrura Kleinschmidti

Pink-Billed P F

Erythrura Regia - Royal Parrot FinchErythrura Regia

Royal P F

Erythrura Papuana - Papuan Parrot FinchErythrura Papuana

Papuan P F

Erythrura Viridifacies - Green-Faced Parrot FinchErythrura Viridifacies

Green-Faced P F

Manila P F

Erythrura Coloria - Red-Eared Parrot FinchErythrura Coloria

Red-Eared P F

Mindanao P F


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