Erythrura Kleinschmidti

Common Names: Pink-Billed Parrot FinchPink-Billed Parrot Finch

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No subs-species are known.

Geographic Distribution: 

Distributed in the island of Vitu Levu in Fiji .

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The Pink-Billed Parrot Finch was found to inhabit the rain forests and forest edges.


Length: 4 inches (10 cm). 

The Pink-billed Parrot finch is larger and more robust than its close relative the Peales Parrot Finch. The main body plumage is rich olive green with a black faced. The crown and nape are blue. The rump and the tail coverts are red. Eyes are brown, bill is pinkish flesh color. Sexes are similar.

Avicultural Notes: Pink-Billed Parrot Finch

The Pink-billed Parrot finch has always been considered a rare species in aviculture. Little information and field observation have been achieved. It has been reported that the Pink-billed Parrot finch feeds on small seeds, insects, fruit and wild figs. Breeding is said to take place throughout the year or between October and January. This very distinct member of the genus Erythrura was imported into Europe in 1914, with no great success in establishment. In recent years very few sightings have been reported. This beautiful Parrot finch is currently classified as being Endangered.


No mutations are known.

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