Clean water needs to be provided on a daily basis for drinking and bathing. Receptacles should always be placed in areas free of fouling. I currently use large drinkers to provide water but I'm working on an automatic watering system that will recycle the water several times a day. I have incorporated the system into one of my bird rooms. If it is functional and saves time I will set it up in my other room. I usually place all drinking/bathing receptacles once every 2-3weeks in hypochloride solution (a formulation that is used as a bleaching agent, disinfectant, bactericide, and deodorant) and let it sit in order to assure they are disinfected properly.

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Water System                                   Bird Bath   

Dry Seed Mix:

The basis for the diet should be a good quality finch mix. A commercial brand or your own mix is adequate as long as it provides the birds with much needed proteins and vitamins. Always make sure that your supplier provides you with clean, dust free seeds. Storing the seed is also very important. Try and store it in an air tight container away from the floor where moisture is not generated. A mix from Higgins is currently provided to my finches, it is composed of the following seeds:

- White Millets       Click to enlarge.Click to enlarge.

- Red Millets 

- German Millets 

- Canary Seed

- Niger 

- Small Oats 

Crude Protein ……….. 14.0%

Crude Fat …………….. 6.0% 

Crude Fiber …………... 3.0 % 

In addition to this mix, Millet Spray is provided to all the species. Paddy Rice is provided to the Pintail's in a separate dish. This seed is found in fields where it is harvested and readily eaten by Pintails in there native habitats. This is the principal reason why they are considered a pest by farmers and are poisoned. Soaked seeds are provided with the mix mentioned above from Higgins.

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Millet Spray                                   Paddy Rice

Egg Food:

I use Cédé Egg Food and Cédé Universal Softbill Food (Insectivorous). These two components mixed with the added ingredients mentioned below in the recipe have provided good results in conditioning my birds in preparation for breeding. 

2 Hard Boiled Eggs

3 Tablespoon CéDé (Dry Egg Mix) 

2 Tablespoon CéDé (Insectivorous Mix) 

1 Teaspoon of Daily Essentials 3

1 Teaspoon of Wheat Germ 

1 Teaspoon of Cod Liver Oil 

All ingredients are mixed and feed. Quantity that is supplied depends on the number of birds kept. This mix is always provided while birds are breeding and throughout the molt. Click on image for closer look:

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     Dry Egg Mix               Complete Egg Food         Insectivorous Mix 

Green Food:Click to enlarge.

Green food is a vital part of a parrot finch nutritional intake. It is very difficult to duplicate what they eat in the wild but we can try and get as close as possible with what is made available to us. I usually feed green food on alternative days with live food when breeding and chicks are in the nest. I have tried many different types of green food and I have found that my birds will devour cucumbers. Always keep in mind to wash thoroughly all greens prior to feeding.

Provided are the following: -cucumber - oranges - apples - grated carrots - sweet corn


Live food:

Live food is an essential protein source and a wonderful provision in getting your finches to reproduce. They may be purchased from commercial sources or propagated by the aviculturist. They can be kept alive on bran with a slice of apple or potato. I currently order my meal worms from Grubco. The sizes vary and Minis seem to be an adequate choice for finches. 

Nutritional value of meal worms:Click to enlarge.

Moisture content - 59% 

Proteins - 22% 

Fat - 10% 

Carbohydrates - 6% 

Fiber - 2% 

Minerals - 1% 

Minerals / Vitamins:

Grit is always provide in small cups. It facilitates the grinding down of food. Finches require very fine grit and should be provided at all times and replenish as needed.

Cuttlefish Bone provides calcium which is needed in the diet for skeletal integrity and a mayor ingredient in eggshells. Provided at all times and replenish as needed.

Crushed Egg Shells is also provided. I usually mix it with the grit or sprinkle on egg food. Always make sure to place on microwave or oven in order to eliminate any bacteria.


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Crushed Egg Shells                     Cuttlefish Bone                                 Grit               


Nekton-S and Calcivet is added to the water on alternative days and Daily Essentials 3 is provided in egg food and sprinkled over greens. (Click on the pictures for more information)

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