Erythrura Coloria

Coloria Parrot FinchMale Coloria Parrot Finch

Common Names: 

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Sub-species: Coloria Parrot Finch

At the moment, no sub-species are known.  

Geographic Distribution: 

The Philippines; in the remote slopes of Mount Katanglad, in central Mindanao.

Native Habitat: 

Coloria Parrot Finches usually inhabit forested edges and clearings where different grasses and herbaceous plants grow.

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Length: 4  inches (10 cm). 

Male: The facemask is cobalt-blue with bordering crescent shaped red/orange collar at each side of the neck. The body coloration is green. The rump and upper tail coverts are red. Legs and feet are  flesh color. Eyes are dark brown and the beak is black. 

Female: The females overall plumage is slightly paler in color and the red collar bands are smaller. The females  plumage tend to darken with age and distinguishing between sexes become quite a challenge.

Avicultural Notes: 

In captivity, the Coloria parrot finch is quite active with unusually long legs. They are a small parrot finch similar in size to the Forbes Parrot Finch. The Coloria Parrot Finch will thrive on a good seed mix. They also favor soaked seeds, seeding grasses, greens, and  especially live food while rearing young. The Coloria Parrot Finch can be bred in cages or aviaries. They accept half-open nest boxes in which they construct their nest with coco fiber and grass stems. The nest is usually not lined.

Young Coloria parrot finches mature very rapidly, being sexually mature at 5 months. It is not recommended that the breed until 12 months. Coloria Parrot Finches, if given the opportunity will rear young successfully without the use of Bengalese Finches as foster parents. This species has being imported in several occasions but is still considered rare and not fully established in captivity. This is a beautiful species that is deserving of special attention. Beware when purchasing Coloria’s as hybrids are offered as pure birds. Note that the Coloria is a small, slender short tailed bird with long legs.


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