I would like to introduce myself. My name is Carlos Mendigutia Jr. and I was introduced at a very young age by my grandfather to the wonderful world of keeping and breeding finches. My interests began in my native country of Cuba where such specimens as Cuban Melodious (Tiaris Canora), Cuban Olive (Tiaris Olivacea) where seen in abundance nesting in the thickets meters from my backyard.

I have been living in Miami Florida for the past 30 years and provide my community service as a Practicing Dentist. Here in Miami, not to distant from where this passion for keeping birds was generated, I have been fortune to keep and breed many different species of finches throughout the years. In the past 7 years I have focused on a particular Genus (Erythrura) Parrot Finches which have captivated me ever since I acquired my first pair. I have been successful in keeping and breeding several specimens (Blue faced, Red headed, Forbes, Pintail, Peale's). I'm still in the quest of acquiring Bamboo's, Coloria and, if ever so lucky, Royal parrot finches.

My interest in developing this site is to inform and promote interest in these spectacular finches. I welcome novice and experienced breeders alike to share ideas on husbandry, specific technique and experiences etc. The more information we can gather will help ensure that species like the Royal Parrot Finches, which are ever so rapidly declining, a safe place in captivity. Good viable strains need to be produced in our bird rooms and aviaries to secure their existence. If at a given time the unfortunate occurs captive specimens can once again be reinstated into their natural habitat. With hard work and dedication future generations can have the opportunity of admiring these finches for years on end.

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